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This blog is about the things I love the most! All of my hobbies and the activities I love to do in my spare time.

At the moment I am a newly married 26 year old, and enjoying pursuing my career as a programmer – getting to write lots of cool code!

I am an amateur sewer – mostly quilting – and knitter, and enjoy making things for my friends and family. With an A-Level in art, and having won a place at art college in the gap year before uni (I wasn’t able to take it up due to financial constraints at the time) – I suppose I have always loved making beautiful things.

When I first started this blog, it was all about the world of cheerleading – specifically the British Cheerleading scene. The competitive cheerleading season runs from September through to July, although it really depends on which competitions your team is entering and when you start training. I was involved in the world of competitive cheerleading from 2007 to 2011, and trained/performed/competed/coached with a variety of groups based in the south of England.

Toe Touch Basket Toss on the Beach

Bournemouth 2011

The first time I saw cheerleading I had signed up to it not knowing what it was really about, but thinking it would be rather fun to try. When the girls demonstrating put up a stunt, I was instantly hooked, and have been obssessed with the sport ever since. I began doing adult gymnastics alongside cheerleading to work on my tumble. I don’t do any of the apparatus, and I pretty much started from scratch with tumble – but I adore it!

I gave up cheer and gymnastics a few years ago now, as training 10+ hours a week around working full time pursuing a career was taking it’s toll, but I still enjoy watching from the sidelines as British Cheer moves forwards towards an exciting future!


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